Who can Benefit from Accent Modification?


There are a number of reasons why a person may seek accent modification lessons.  If you are a non-native speaker of English, and feel limited by your communication skills in English, these services may benefit you.  

Alternatively, there are times when a native English speaker wants to modify his or her accent, or learn to speak with a standard American accent.  The choice is personal and the reasons may differ among individuals. Some common indications that you may benefit from accent modification lessons include:

  • Your listeners look confused. You are often asked to repeat yourself.
  • You have difficulty being understood by your patients and/or colleagues.
  • Your career advancement is hindered by your accent or communication skills in English.
  • Your students report difficulty understanding your lectures.
  • You lack confidence while speaking English because you are afraid of making mistakes.
  • People have difficulty understanding you on the phone.
  • Communicating with new people is difficult.
  • Your intended message is misunderstood by the listener. (for example, ¨I am hungry.¨ is understood as ¨ I am angry.¨)
  • You struggle with work or school presentations in English.

common questions

Sessions are organized to address the targets created during the initial assessment and interview. The targets will vary from person to person, depending on your goals.

Specific targets will be taught, practiced, and monitored at each session. By collecting this type of data, you will be able to see growth based on objective measures.

This, along with your personal reports will help us guide the sessions to address the areas that are most beneficial and important to you. Sessions are intensive, but enjoyable, and very unique to each client.

A session is generally 50 minutes in length. 

Session duration and frequency can be tailored to your needs and availability.

Accent modification is not a medical service.  Sessions are paid privately as a non-medical class.

Prices are quoted on a case by case basis.  Individual sessions and packages are available.

Request a free consultation to discuss your needs and options.  Enrolled students may be eligible for a student discount.

I am located in the beautiful Costa del Sol, Spain.  In-person sessions are possible in some cases and would take place at your residence. 

Most clients are seen online, via a video teleconferencing platform.

Click on the ¨Request an Appointment¨ link below and I will contact you directly to discuss your needs and options.